Maintainance & Inspection

National Microwave provides inspection, testing, and repair to all items related to existing tower site structures. We have the proper test equipment and tools for testing and repairing tower problems using such equipment as Anritsu Site Master, Anritsu spectrum analyzer, or Anritsu Scalar Network Analyzer.

Site Inspection Report (with pictures) shall be prepared on each site documenting:
•    Antennas: antenna azimuth, downtilts, model numbers by face.
•    Tower: tower type, condition, location, grounding, alignment, cabling, platform, etc.
•    Shelter/Cabinet: type, condition, etc.
•    Compound: condition, etc.
•    Grounding: test results.

Items covered include, but are not limited to, the following:
1) Grounding System
2) Antennas
3) Connectors
4) Jumpers
5) Coax & Waveguide
6) Array Platform
7) Tower Structure
8) Lighting

Inspection of paint integrity and compliance with FAA regulations.

Inspection and repair of all ground connections include:
1.    checking the tightness of lugs, cadwelds, and ground connections
2.    repair of bad or broken ground connections
3.    ground resistance testing and recording

Inspection and repair of tower structure to include:
1.    bolts
2.    mounting brackets and hardware
3.    plumb and tension

Inspection and repair of cables to include:
1.    identification of damage (holes, dents, kinks, or corrosion)
2.    verification of proper installation
3.    cable supports
4.    verifying weather proofing on connectors and grounding
5.    replacement of missing hardware

Inspection of downtilts and azimuth to include:
1.    verification against sit data sheet
2.    adjustment to match site data sheet

Inspection of tower lighting to include:
1.    cables, photo sensor, mounting hardware and bulbs
2.    replacement of missing cable supports
3.    verification of proper operation

Inspection of microwave antenna system to include:
1.    dish alignment and waveguide testing
2.    proper antenna and waveguide installation
3.    pressurization

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