Site Construction

National Microwave would like you to know we have cell site inspection reports available. These reports can also be copied on an easy to use CD format. Inside these reports you will receive valuable information pertaining to your cell sites.

As you page through the National Microwave inspection report, you will see the worth for all the services we provide in a cell site inspection. Here is a breakdown of the standard information we provide for our customers.

•   Visual confirmation of cable size, antenna models downtilting, color coding and labeling, antenna mount information, and antenna centerlines.
•   Inspection of the grounding system, including testing of the grounding system with an earth tester.
•   Visual structure inspection.
•   Antenna alignment services. We properly align antennas from true north using a 7.5-minute map and a theodolite.
•   Photo journal.
•   Testing includes a cable fault location and length test or TDR, a cable insertion loss test, a cable return loss test, and a system VSWR test.
•  National Microwave will troubleshoot and correct any problems related to the system performance.

All of the recorded information is then placed in a booklet and a CD for you to keep for your reference. NMCI can also place your inspection reports on our dial-up in house Intranet server.

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